12 Mar, 2018

Event Planners….Do We Actually Need Them???

12 Mar, 2018

Event planners are too easily stereotyped or categorized that can embitter a professional, however the role of an event planner are subject to multiple assumptions.

People think it’s not a really a real real JOB however that’s not True. Event Planning is a part time job, also it’s true that it’s not a Nine-to-Five Job for fixed five days of the week, however that doesn’t mean they are not putting s many hours at work as someone working in the office would. All that work from running and managing every aspect of the business, event planners have a lot on their plates. It seems all fancy and glamourous however with time it becomes a 24×7 job.

Event Management comes with so many unique and unprecedented challenges while managing the event which gets gruelling to justify.

Planning an entire event on your own can be exciting but a lot more stressful. Planning an event is not as easy as people realise it to be. What deals an event planner gets is not something an individual can get easily. Professionals Event planners possess the ability to cater to the finest needs of its clients in that limited budget.

Listing out Four reasons why you should hire an event planner?

1) Proficient=Event Planner

It’s usually observed that when it comes to managing any social event its usually the friends and family that take the initiative to be an event planner rather than spending on professional event planners. Nevertheless everyone have their own experiences when it comes to handling any event however, No one can do a job better than a professional. An Event Planner already has everything in his kitty that those friends might start looking for in order to manage an event. Also thinking that new technology makes event planning easier, but no software or app can ever be a match for the service skill of an event planner. An Event Planning requires a particular skill set that spans from innate creativity and vision, through to accounting and people management.

2) Vendor Network

Will you be actually running around innumerable suppliers to get exactly what you need? Visiting vendors, following up with them, keeping a track of the quotations provided by each one of them, calculating and finalising it as per your budget and at the same time being suspicious about the fact that will the outcome be as per what you thought? An Event Planner will make it a lot easier for you. They act as a One Stop Shop for you, as they deal with such suppliers on a regular basis they will provide you with the best deals keeping in your budget in mind. You don’t have to be stressed about anything Make a Wish and see that turning into Reality.

3) Budget stress???

Another famous myth that ‘Event Planners only work on Big Events’ and that is again not true. Event Planners are Expensive only meant to organise High profile events. Whether your budget is small or sufficient or extravagant it is always challenging to stick to any budget, however there comes the role of an event planner to take care of your ideas find alternative solutions and provide you the best service while maintaining your budget. Event planners provide a personalised service to create a unique event plus their relationship with trusted vendors help to guarantee an event that’s put together professionally and reliably, sometimes even at a lower cost to the clients.

4) Be Our Guest…

The last but one of the most important reason to hire an event planner is to luxuriate in your own event. Last minute hassles, co-ordination with the vendors shall all be taken care of by an event planner. Your event would happen only once so why not sit back and experience it. Your planner will be the only point of contact between all the vendors and your guests to address any last minute concerns.

Plans are Nothing, Planning is Everything..

So, if you plan an event please visit our website or email us and give us an opportunity to serve you.



  • Achala March 12, 2018

    Well said… and i agree that professional planning can give the best results within a defined budget…. just like icing on the cake…. good going Team WEDO!!!


  • Arohi Patil March 12, 2018

    I totally agree on this.. Hiring an event planner makes the flow of the event very smooth.
    Great blog !!


  • Karan Khurana March 12, 2018

    Exact description…Event Planners are the right set of people to contact in handling any event as they exactly know what to do keeping everyone’s expectations in mind. A big thumbs up to this blog!


  • Vikrant Oberoi March 12, 2018

    There is so much to do when it comes to handling an entire event..It’s definitely not an easy job to do things perfectly and also to keep everyone happy.
    The quality of work that event planner delivers is precise and perfect. This Blog just says it all..Good job team WE DO!


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