07 Apr, 2018


07 Apr, 2018

Do you want your Lady to take away all the attention on your Big Day? I’m sure you wanna look equally ravishing as your Bride, it’s your day as well! It’s often observed that men are very laidback and ignorant when it comes to grooming themselves may be its because they are unaware of it as everywhere we can find articles as to how a woman should dress, how to take care of their skin and hair and so much more. Brides seem to know everything about preparing and primping themselves for the wedding day. However in that churn of activities, men usually overlook on the importance of grooming and primping themselves. Your wife-to-be will want to see her guy standing there as handsome as ever, so a little manscaping is necessary for looking your best on the one day you’ll remember most.

So all you husbands-to-be we are here at your rescue!

Listing out some important grooming tips to look your best on your nuptial day

1) Carry that Different Look

Have you been sporting the same look over a decade now? Doesn’t your D-Day demands a better look? So as the wedding day is getting closer it’s important to visit a pro high end barber shop or men’s salon. The basic grooming ground rule is that you should meet with the barber at least a week before the big day to let your hair settle up and get adjusted with the new cut and to give yourself time to practice styling options. Schedule the haircut and style appointment well in advance and make sure you tell your stylist you are getting it done for your wedding day to ensure that the stylist will pay extra attention to detail .Because of course it’s your wedding day you need to look Classy and Perfect.

2) Shave & Styling

This goes for removing unwanted facial hair as well. Ask the barber to touch up your mustache, beard and neckline (and that pesky nose hair!) while taking a seat in his chair. So if a beard is part of your normal look, keep it Men with beards need to treat their faces differently than those that stay clean-shaven. Beards should be combed and then trimmed to keep them looking in tip-top shape. If you normally keep a little stubble or scruffy look however on your wedding day go with the clean shave. A properly shaved face will make you look well-groomed and fresh as it also polishes your look and shows your bride that you put in extra effort. The clean shaven look is always a good option, because it’s timeless.

3) Manly Massage

Weddings can be exciting but exhausting and tiresome at the same time. So why not spend a few hours at a swanky spa. A massage will aim to relax and refresh you as we know how important it is for your mind and body to feel at its best, especially on one of the most important days of your life. So take a break away from the stresses of wedding planning and end up for a spa session to get that perfect look at your wedding. Also de-stressing yourself before your wedding will not only leave you feeling great but also show up on your face and posture too.

4) Hands and Feet

Nail care for men is a growing sub-industry and, no, it doesn’t make you any less manly! The modern man is more than just a buff, gruff dude, he is also impeccably well-groomed. Keeping your nails nice and neat is not only required for social acceptance…it’s simply good wedding essential hygiene. It’s your wedding so a little pampering for your hands and legs should be manageable. So be a good sport and get a professional manicure and pedicure done by a professional. Manicurists and pedicurists offer easy and expert grooming of the hands and feet, but grooms may also take care of this task themselves. Weeks before the wedding, prepare the hands and feet by regularly applying oil-free moisturizer so that you are all set for your Big Day.

5) That Scent of Love

Scent is very important. Strong fragrances suit some men, while citrus types suit others. So you stick to your signature cologne, or that captivating aftershave or choose something special for the occasion. Wear what you love as you’re showing off who you are. But don’t forget to wear a fragrance on your wedding day. The secret to making a great masculine scent is subtlety. After all a perfect smelling groom would be a cherry on the cake (The wedding cake).


The basic thumb rule or the best Mantra to groom yourself internally and externally are…

Scent is very important. Strong fragrances suit some men, while citrus types suit others. So you stick to your

All you husbands to be ensure that you get enough sleep as sleep is also vital for a groom to get rid of baggy eyes or dark circles. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Also focus on your diet, eliminate oily or greasy or foods containing high amounts of sugar. Indulge yourself in consuming healthy fruits and vegetables adhere to this and you would be amazed with the results. To add more to the list.. Stay HYDRATED-probably one of the most basic yet the most important part is to drink enough water. Water doesn’t just replenish your insides, it will also add radiance to your skin. To wrap it up as the wedding day comes closer, you will have much more work to do, and much less time, Exercise regularly it could be simple things like morning walk (or evening / night walks if you can’t do morning), running, an hour at the gym, yoga, meditation whatever suits you the best. Follow these mantras and you will find that your lady will not be able to take those eyes off you.


So all you husbands-to-be we are here at your rescue!


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