09 May, 2018

Pre – Wedding Photoshoot… Yayy or Nayy??

09 May, 2018

Before anything else lets start from the scratch What exactly is Pre wedding Photoshoot?

Pre wedding Photoshoot is when the soon to be newly weds head out with the photographer to a desired location of their choice in order to capture some beautiful random memories before their D-Day. Pre wedding photography is something that refreshes the beautiful couple to gather some romantic moments in the most candid and casual manner. It’s usually done a few months before the wedding in order to develop a rapport with the photographer by giving him a hint as to what kind of pictures should be clicked on the wedding day. It makes it easy for both the couple and the photographer. The reason that this shoot is done months before the wedding day is because as the D –day comes closer there is a lot of stress and work that are supposed to be done so doing this shoot months before could be more relaxing and hassle free for the couple which definitely reflects in those pictures

Most of the to be weds wants to refect their love story in the form of some romantic shoot from How it all began.. which is again a beautiful way to express their Love which kind of gets nostalgic. Pre wedding photoshoots have many advantages.. or you can say how we precisely look at it.. investing in such shoots can actually help the couple get calmer on their wedding day as we often complaint that “I’m Not that photogenic’ .. ‘my right profile is not that photogenic’ and on the wedding day when you are gorgeously decked up you tend to get cautious when it comes to clicking pictures.On the contrary pre wedding photo shoots can turn out to be breathtakingly romantic and also helps in building that trust on your photographer as he can help you in understanding that what kind of shots makes the couple look charming and eye catching.

Having said that,your photographer here plays a major role.iIt’s actually great if the couple is aware about the specific style the need and what works the best for them.However consulting a professional photographer here can be the best solution  as they have abundance of experience about such kind of shoots and also they can suggest some beautiful themes and location to get that perfect shot you are looking for!

Are pre – wedding photoshoots over hyped?? Absolutely not! The level of intimacy and charm in those photographs are something you will not find in your wedding pictures. We have experienced clients keeping their marriage simple or discrete for instance Court marriage however are inclined towards pre–wedding photo shoot as the basic idea of such a shoot to capture the perfect moments in the most imperfect ways.It makes it very special and distinctive as pre-wedding is somewhere the most auspicious time in everyone’s lives.

So many different themes so many different locations right from being a princess whose prince charming would ride a white horse and take her breath away or from being Kajol from DDLJ running to find her Raj hearing that music.. to shooting at adventurous locations, haunted places and much more. Pre wedding photoshoots can be so much fun.

And Lastly Just Breathe and let it Goo.. trust your photographer and his creativity. Stop worrying about how you look or what kind of pictures he might capture and focus on the part of spending some quality time with your partner. Let your photographer take the control and you will experience Magic!!

Some handful tips for a successful Pre Wedding Photoshoot


The choice of location doesn’t have to be confusing. Consider the places that are meaningful to you and your fiance, such as the place where you first met or the place you often visit. Also, consider the style of the location. Do you want an outdoor location, like parks and gardens; artsy backdrop, like in galleries and museums; or playful ambiance, like playgrounds and candy shops? A good choice of environment would make the photos look exquisite and more dramatic.

One most important tip is that do not delay your wedding ceremony because of your pre wedding photoshoot. The moral of the story is that things always take longer than you think they will.  Better to have some margin time before and after your wedding photo shoot, so you’re not rushed out of taking some fantastic photos…and so that you don’t miss your own wedding!


Choose an outfit that looks good on you and coordinates with your chosen environment. Picking the right colors of your clothing will also help to make you stand out from the background. As much as possible, wear solid colors and avoid trendy outfits as they will make you look dated in your photos once the trend goes out of style. Also, printed and patterned outfits tend to attract attention away from the face, so you might want to avoid such if you want emotions to dominate the photographs.

Time of the Day

For outdoor shoots, the best time would be early in the morning or late afternoon. Photos taken during those times have less glare and are easy to enhance. If it’s in a public indoor location, such as a restaurant or coffee shop, call them and inquire when they are least busy. This will allow your photographer to capture images without worrying about people walking in the background and provide you with more usable photographs.

Hair and Makeup

Dress anything that suits you the most. Never do anything drastic to your hair and makeup for your wedding photo session. Avoid changes that no longer shows your natural beauty. You want your photos to reflect who you really are, and you want to look and feel comfortable with your own skin. Your love and chemistry with your soon-to-be-husband will come out naturally when you’re at ease with your appearance.

To conclude this Pre-wedding photoshoots can create that magical romantic and sometimes dramatic experience but it’s definitely worth the shot. It is always good to have an extra place in the life of which the memories are going to be amazing. A pre-wedding photo shoot is not just another time period. It marks the end of the courtship phase in your relationship. Therefore, it marks a remarkable place in your life and is worth capturing.


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