17 Feb, 2019


17 Feb, 2019

Okay, so you thought the only thing to gift your friends would be bangles from the bangle-wala at your mehendi ??? Wrong! New age brides are pushing the envelope to come up with cute little gifts/ favors that could serve as alternatives to the bangle wala (because who really wears those many bangles nowadays anyway!). Happiness grows if shared and it is only traditional to give back a token of love at your Mehendi. So why not make it as awesome as it can get? Check out these Mehendi giveaway ideas to add to the spunk and pick the perfect return-gift for your guests! After all, who doesn’t like gifts?There are so many options out there but somewhere I felt most of them were either super common, or done to death or not too exciting kinds.

So here is something we listed out of the many options we could share:-

1) Jhoomar

Hand out a Jhoomar to each guest as they enter the mehendi, such a simple thing to do, yet so effective. By the end of the night, every single girl at the mehendi would have a jhoomar on her hair! Absolutely adorable. You could get all the ladies to wear the jhoommars at the event. It automatically adds drama to any outfit and guests are sure to love this. You could ideally go for the simple design jhoommars which everyone would be willing to wear at the ceremony.



Adding much drama to any Indian outfit, these make for the perfect mehendi favor for your guests. They are going to love it.You could opt for different colors, or choose the standard gold with pearl or kundan option to be on the safer side .They perfectly go with almost every Indian outfit and are certainly very attractive to Ladies.

3) Dupattas/Leheriya’s Scraves

Mehendi is probably the most colourful pre-wedding function of them all. Add to the liveliness by giving away rainbow-coloured dupattas! Name the colour and you should have them all! If you’re on a budget, you can go for Leheriya or Bandhani dupattas; they’re affordable and gorgeous. Ones which are worn so easily with black/ white kurtas and every girl needs one in her closet. If you wanna go all out, you can opt for Phulkari dupattas. And what’s the best part about giving away dupattas? They never go waste and are always in fashion!

4) Ghungroo bangles

Gone are the days when people give away glass bangles at a Mehendi function. Opt for these exotic and super inexpensive bangles, adding a twist to tradition. The major plus-point of these bangles are that you can buy ones that have thread ties at either end, so your guests won’t face any problems with the size. These are right now pretty much in trend and make as a cute alternative to bangles .They are chunky, and large and girls love to wear these with Indian/western/ fusion outfits alike.

5) Mehendi Inspired Cookies


These are just simple sugar cookies with icing and frosting designed in mehendi like patterns. Your resident home-baker where you order cakes from should be able to execute these with ease! They taste amazing and look perfect for the Mehendi ceremony.


You probably don’t have to pick as fancy as this one in the picture, but clutches are easily available everywhere nowadays from malls to even street shopping. Go for standard ones which have those saree looking prints in pink, golden, red, maroon kind of shades with Indian tastes and it will rank high on both usability & likability. If your budget allows it, then catch hold of a wholesaler and get him to make you embroidered clutches for your girlfriends. These are so handy and pretty, and will be treasured in their closets forever.


You will find these adorable floral head pieces everywhere these days. From being used by the bride in her bachelorette party to just using it as a head ornament, these intricate floral tiaras are gorgeous to look at. So why not go ahead and gift these beautiful pieces to all your friends and guests as mehendi favors?

8)  Maang Teekas

You can have different varieties of maang teekas – small ones, big ones, ones made of flowers, ones made of thread or gota –the variety is unlimited in a country like India! Go for a small intricate designed maang teeka which looks delicate yet dressed up when worn with Indian outfits. However, you don’t have to buy those big ones where your guests will give competition to your look. So choose wisely.

9) Decorative Hand Mirrors

This is another beautiful looking giveaway present for your girlfriends that look pretty and are pocket friendly at the same time. If your low on your giveaway budget and want to just give a thoughtful token to your guests, you can opt for these super-cute hand mirrors that can easy slip into any lady’s bag! Women ALWAYS need mirrors!


Just as cheap as bangles but with a fun, chic , twist. Cocktail rings made out of colored gota and strings are super cute and nobody minds slipping them on. Everyone loves a statement ring and you can’t have enough of these. They go perfect for any occasions be it with saree or anarkali and if you are the fashion forward kinds, even with some western outfits. You could put it in a translucent pouch and gift it to your guests. They are sure to love this.Your guests can just pick one that matches with their outfit!

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